portrait of an elderly driver in car or taxi

Able Rides

man helping on wheelchair

Our team at Able Transport Solutions helps people get to where they need to go. We use a combination of transportation solutions to make individualized rides possible.

With Able Rides we provide transportation services to seniors, people with disabilities as well others who are medically fragile in different areas of the Twin Cities Metro counties and surrounding towns using our in-house drivers and vehicles. We maintain a small fleet of State Certified Special Transportation Services vehicles, both regular and wheelchair accessible that we use to support people directly. Able Rides is typically paid for using waiver transportation funds (approved through a case manager), insurance companies as well as private individuals. We are willing to work with different types of providers to make access to transportation a reality to those who seek our services. All our drivers have clean background records, received First Aid training and have experience supporting people in the community. We exist to serve those who need our services, and it shows.

To find out more about how we may support your unique needs, please email us at info@abletransportmn.com